Blog Syn: crowdsourcing synthetic procedures

Our aim is to highlight the most interesting advances in synthetic chemistry. As well as featuring journal articles we are going to start highlighting developments from outside the published literature. And, as an ideal example of chemistry moving from literature to practice…

There are few more uncertain things in organic synthesis than attempting to reproduce a literature procedure. Despite the high ideals of the scientific process, there is a high degree of variation in the quality of published procedures, and it’s not always obvious which are dubious. So when a reaction fails, have you made an error in reproducing the conditions, or is the published prep at fault?

A group of chemists are attempting to address this problem by crowdsourced checking of published methods in a new blog/journal/discussion site called Blog Syn.

Hello, synthetic chemists! Welcome to Blog Syn, a new chemical literature review site.

We don’t just discuss the methods, we put them to the test!

Stay tuned to this page as we figure out exactly how to structure this new venture. In the meantime, if this sounds like something you’d like to be involved in, drop us a message in the comments.


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